Find a  local ticket seller

Here is a list of ticket sellers and where you can find them to pay cash for your ticket

Rob Wicks   , Rob wigley everywhere 

Mally -  Leeds Bradford everywhere

Paul Atkinson   wardrobe    and  selby

Paul Littlewood      wickersley

Joe Lakin   doncaster

Jim hurst     Crigglestone

Russ Harvey    Cask Scarborough

Jinksy    cask

Martyn ward   Moon on the water  Cleethorpes

jonah jones   everywhere

Graham Weaver  Grosvenor  notts

terry westhead  soul shack alfreton

Billy Backdrop     Bassettlaw

Mick Glover        junction 36  Barnsley

John Moffat       Horti Sheffield

Daz Scott         Hull Soul Club

Ian seaman      Newark

John Parker     Beverley

Fred Benson   Scunthorpe

We welcome any volunteers who would be willing to put a few flyers out at their local events