What attendees say

These are the genuine  words of a few our attendees not ours :-

Once again guys  another great weekend it just gets better ....    Ian  Yorks

I have been visiting  Brid since your very first weekender at the 3Bs  12 year now  .. what can i say  but many many thanks for the memories   . notts team

wey hey ECSC   .. four year now  i cannot believe i left it this long to attend after hearing all the great reports   thanks  KTF 

hey  you soul lovers  did you know in a poll of weekenders on a number of facebook groups  you came up the number 1 in every poll  . what does this say about the way you do it      JD  lancs

I always  look forward to my fix of the Spa Bridlington  and meeting up with my old mates        Addie

The best weekender by a country mile the weekender that keeps on giving  Den  lancs